Fighting for Progress in Metro Detroit

Quality Education

Building a bright future for Michigan starts with our children. Michigan’s families should be able to count on our public schools to provide quality education for their children. Michigan is falling further behind in educational achievement because of policies that prioritize teaching to the standardized test of the moment, divert resources away from our children, and do not empower our educators to create a learning environment that facilitates real growth and critical thinking.

Restoring confidence in our public schools starts with properly funding them at all levels, from Pre-K to our colleges and universities. I’ll fight to ensure your tax dollars are not wasted on for-profit charter schools that prioritize their bottom line over the best interest of our kids and are not accountable to anyone but their corporate boards. I will be an advocate on behalf of all students, including those with special needs, so they receive the education and attention to which they are entitled. I will support our teachers, and future teachers, by advocating for better pay that reflects their dedication to our children’s future.

Infrastructure for Now and Our Future

It is no secret that Michigan’s infrastructure is in serious disrepair. Our roads and bridges are quite literally crumbling, which not only leads to expensive car repairs for residents, but also discourages economic growth. I’m committed to finding a solution that funds projects to fix our roads, bridges, and infrastructure, and ensure proper oversight so that it is done in timely manner, and safety is at a premium. In addition, we need to invest in modern infrastructure updates, such as regional transit, that will foster economic development and make Michigan a destination state.

Economic Security for All

As the daughter of a retired union president and a small business owner, I understand the challenges facing families in our district. As a young person faced with questions of where I’d like to raise my future family, I can’t imagine doing so anywhere other than right here in my home community. In order to ensure young people want to remain here in Southeastern Michigan, and all generations can continue to work and prepare for retirement with dignity, we need to invest in all Michigan families.

Michiganders deserve to have earned paid sick leave, so they can balance caring for themselves and their families without falling behind. I’ll stand firm against any measure that strips away the rights of workers to collectively bargain. I’m committed to fighting to close the gender pay gap so all Michiganders are paid equitably. We must enact policies that encourage affordable childcare and paid family leave, so people will be able to do their very best while at work, and raise their families.

A Healthy Michigan

We are so fortunate to live in a community with excellent healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. I’m committed to ensuring that our community can access this care through affordable insurance options, including affordable prescription drug coverage, and expanding access to other critical services including mental health and vocational rehabilitation. I firmly believe that women not only have the right to make decisions about their healthcare including reproductive health, but also deserve to have dignity and respect when making these decisions privately with her doctor.

Government Transparency

Michigan ranks dead last in the nation among all state regarding openness, accountability, and ethics. This is simply unacceptable. As a former federal contractor, I understand the importance of holding our leaders accountable for every decision made and dollar spent. You have the right to know how your government operates and spends your tax dollars. Our campaign’s community engagement will not stop on election day. My door is always open and my phone is always on. You deserve a representative who puts you first, and a government you can trust.

An Economy for the 21st Century

After receiving a great education from our universities here in Michigan, too many young people move away because they cannot envision a future for themselves in Metro Detroit. Ensuring Michigan remains economically competitive in the 21st century requires creativity and ingenuity—qualities that have deep roots in our state. Shifting our economy from antiquated practices toward strategies that will move Michigan’s workforce into the future will be crucial to achieving prosperity here in the 40th District. I will be a vocal advocate in Lansing on behalf of our community for economic security for working families and will champion economic practices that will encourage young people to remain in Michigan long after graduation.

Clean Air, Water, and Energy

Michigan is home to 21% of the world’s fresh water, and Oakland County has more than 350 lakes. Efforts by the federal government to slash funding to both the Environmental Protection Agency and initiatives to keep our Great Lakes clean threaten the safety of Michigan’s environment. This means that our state government needs to take the lead in protecting the state’s natural treasures. I will advocate to properly fund the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Additionally, I’ll work to ensure government bodies charged with environmental oversight are staffed by public servants who will prioritize public health and safety, rather than corporate polluters and CEO’s. Additionally, with Michigan’s tourism industry thriving, taking measures to maintain and protect our State Parks will continue to make our state a destination. Finally, we must expand our investment in renewable energy practices and incentivize clean manufacturing so that our beautiful state can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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