Building a bright future for Michigan starts with our children. Michigan’s families should be able to count on our public schools to provide quality education for their children. Michigan is falling further behind in educational achievement because of policies that prioritize teaching to the standardized test of the moment, divert resources away from our children, and do not empower our educators to create a learning environment that facilitates real growth and critical thinking.

Restoring confidence in our public schools starts with properly funding them at all levels, from Pre-K to our colleges and universities. I’ll fight to ensure your tax dollars are not wasted on for-profit charter schools that prioritize their bottom line over the best interest of our kids and are not accountable to anyone but their corporate boards. I will be an advocate on behalf of all students, including those with special needs, so they receive the education and attention to which they are entitled. I will support our teachers, and future teachers, by advocating for better pay that reflects their dedication to our children’s future.