Michigan is home to 21% of the world’s fresh water, and Oakland County has more than 350 lakes. Efforts by the federal government to slash funding to both the Environmental Protection Agency and initiatives to keep our Great Lakes clean threaten the safety of Michigan’s environment. This means that our state government needs to take the lead in protecting the state’s natural treasures. I will advocate to properly fund the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Additionally, I’ll work to ensure government bodies charged with environmental oversight are staffed by public servants who will prioritize public health and safety, rather than corporate polluters and CEO’s. Additionally, with Michigan’s tourism industry thriving, taking measures to maintain and protect our State Parks will continue to make our state a destination.

For too long, corporations like Nestlé have accessed Michigan’s natural resources while we struggle to raise funds to protect and preserve our Great Lakes. We must pass legislation to protect our groundwater, and to ensure corporations pay their fair share for their use of our state’s natural resources.

Finally, we must expand our investment in renewable energy practices and incentivize clean manufacturing so that our beautiful state can be enjoyed for generations to come.