A Healthy Future

We are so fortunate to live in a community with excellent healthcare professionals and state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. I’m committed to ensuring that our community can access this care. 

Preserve Healthy Michigan

Healthy Michigan expanded healthcare access to 700,000 Michiganders who did not have it before. I’m fighting to protect this program so no one has to face losing coverage.

Lower Prescription Drug Costs

The soaring costs of prescription drugs impacts everyone, regardless of age. I co-sponsored legislation to cap insulin costs at $100 per month, so patients with diabetes aren’t forced to make choices that jeopardize their health. I support implementing a Prescription Drug Consumer Protection Board that would protect families from exorbitant drug prices and hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for price gouging. 

Women’s Health

We are also facing a maternal mortality crisis in our state. In particular, women of color are dying during childbirth at rates that we see in developing nations. This is unacceptable. I firmly believe that women not only have the right to make decisions about their healthcare, including reproductive health, but also deserve to have dignity and respect when making these decisions privately with her doctor. As a leader in the Progressive Women’s Caucus, I support implementing medically-sound policies so that women in our state can access the care they need.

Relevant sponsored or cosponsored legislation

  • HB 4701: Caps the co-pay for insulin at $100

  • HB 4099: Requires health insurance to cover oral chemotherapy treatment

  • HB 4161: Makes feminine hygiene products tax-exempt

  • HB 4279, 4281: Requires hospitals to develop a nurse staffing plan; establishes appropriate nurse-to-patient ratios


Educational Opportunity

Building a bright future for Michigan starts with our children. Michigan’s families should be able to count on our public schools to provide quality education for their children. Restoring confidence in our public schools starts with properly funding them at all levels, from Pre-K to our colleges and universities. The years of DeVos Family setting the education agenda must end.

K-12 Education

I’ll fight to ensure your tax dollars are not wasted on for-profit charter schools that prioritize their bottom line over the best interest of our kids and are not accountable to anyone but their corporate boards. Michigan is falling further behind in educational achievement because of policies that prioritize teaching to the standardized test of the moment, divert resources away from our children, and do not empower our educators to create a learning environment that facilitates real growth and critical thinking. I will support our teachers, and future teachers, by advocating for better pay that reflects their dedication to our children’s future. I will be an advocate on behalf of all students, including those with special needs, so they receive the education and attention to which they are entitled. 

Higher Education

With tuition costs on the rise, college--and therefore economic opportunity--is becoming less and less accessible to Michiganders. I believe we must make college more affordable so that our students are trained for the jobs of tomorrow.

relevant Sponsored or Co-Sponsored legislation

  • HJR B: Prohibition of the operation of a public school on a for-profit basis per the state constitution

  • HCR 008: Establishes a Literacy Bill of Rights

  • HB’s 4293, 4294, 4295: Requires every public school to offer a library and employ a media specialist in each library

  • HB’s 4667, 4668: Expand and funds the Great Start Readiness Program to include 3-year-olds


Infrastructure Built to Last

It is no secret that Michigan’s infrastructure is in serious disrepair. Our roads and bridges are quite literally crumbling, which not only leads to expensive car repairs for residents, but also discourages economic growth. I’m committed to finding a solution that funds projects to fix our roads, bridges, and infrastructure, and ensure proper oversight so that it is done in timely manner and safety is at a premium. In addition, we need to invest in modern infrastructure updates, such as regional transit and electric vehicle charging infrastructure, that will foster economic development and make Michigan a destination state.

Relevant Sponsored or co-sponsored legislation

  • HB 4786-4789: Creates an electric vehicle charging network throughout our state


Economic Opportunity

As the daughter of a retired union president and a small business owner, I understand the challenges facing families in our district. As a young person faced with questions of where I’d like to raise my future family, I can’t imagine doing so anywhere other than right here in my home community. We must invest in all Michigan families to ensure young people want to remain here in Southeastern Michigan, and all generations can continue to work and prepare for retirement with dignity.

Ensuring Michigan remains economically competitive in the 21st century requires creativity and ingenuity—qualities that have deep roots in our state. Shifting our economy from antiquated practices toward strategies that will move Michigan’s workforce into the future will be crucial to achieving prosperity here in the 40th District.

Small Business Growth

Local business owners deserve to have the tools they need to create jobs with strong wages and good benefits for Michigan’s families in our district. Money earned and spent in local businesses stays in our communities and helps our families thrive. Here’s my plan to foster small business growth in the 40th District:

  • Create a small business and entrepreneurship services office in order to facilitate the creation and retention of small business jobs in the state

  • Increase support for small businesses through the Office of Talent and Economic Development, including grants for entrepreneurs, help for startup companies, and minority business development

  • Give small businesses preference in state procurement by requiring a percentage of contracts be set aside for businesses that meet the definition of small business

  • Support funding for small business owners to buy into a secure retirement savings plan at the state level

Earned Paid Sick Leave

Last year, the will of the voters was usurped when House Republicans used a legislative trick to enact and then repeal earned paid sick leave for Michiganders. Michiganders deserve to have earned paid sick leave, so they can balance caring for themselves and their families without falling behind.

Closing the Gender Pay Gap

I’m committed to fighting to close the gender pay gap so all Michiganders are paid equitably. We must enact policies that encourage affordable childcare and paid family leave, so people will be able to do their very best while at work, and raise their families.

Worker Protections

I’ll stand firm against any measure that strips away the rights of workers to collectively bargain. 

Relevant Sponsored or Co-Sponsored Legislation

  • HB’s 4629-4639: Lead sponsor of the Pay Equity bill package


Protecting Our Environment

Michigan is home to 21% of the world’s fresh water, and Oakland County has more than 350 lakes. We have the opportunity to be a national leader in environmental policy that prioritizes our families over corporations:

Clean Water and Air

All Michigan families deserve affordable clean water and clean air to breathe. I’ve co-sponsored legislation to ensure clean air, and fought for an amendment to our budget to implement the Lead and Copper Rule so we all have peace of mind when we open our taps for a glass of water. 

Protect Our Great Lakes

Efforts by the federal government to slash funding to both the Environmental Protection Agency and initiatives to keep our Great Lakes clean threaten the safety of Michigan’s environment and our public health.

Don’t Let Corporations Write the Rules

For too long, corporations like Nestlé have accessed Michigan’s natural resources while we struggle to raise funds to protect and preserve our Great Lakes. I’m fighting for legislation to protect our groundwater, and to ensure corporations pay their fair share for their use of our state’s natural resources.

Renewable Energy

Representing you on the House Energy Committee, I have the privilege of advocating for our expanding our renewable energy practices and incentivize clean manufacturing so that our beautiful state can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Relevant Sponsored or Co-Sponsored Legislation

  • Proposed a budget amendment to fund $120m for the implementation of the lead and copper rule

  • HB 4212: “Polluter pay” legislation to mandate corporations who pollute our communities pay the cost to clean up their messes

  • HB’s 4429-4432: A package of bills to address water quality, accessibility, and affordability


Transparency and Accountability

Michigan ranks dead last in the nation among all state regarding openness, accountability, and ethics. This is simply unacceptable. As a former federal contractor, I understand the importance of holding our leaders accountable for every decision made and dollar spent. You have the right to know how your government operates and spends your tax dollars. That’s why my door is always open and my phone is always on. You deserve a representative who puts you first, and a government you can trust.

Relevant Legislation sponsored or co-sponsored

  • HB’s 4008-4016: Legislation to make the Governor’s Office and Legislature subject to FOIA and creates an Open Records Act

  • HB 4150: Creates a “cooling off period” and prohibits former legislators from engaging in certain lobbying activities

  • HB’s 4642-4649: Legislation to increase financial disclosure by legislators


Safe, inclusive communities

All Michiganders deserve the freedom to feel safe and welcome in their communities. I am committed to not only fighting discrimination but also ensuring we are proactive in fostering a community where everyone is safe and can achieve their fullest potential. Our community also deserves to be free from the fear of gun violence, and I will continue to fight for common-sense gun violence prevention legislation.

Relevant Sponsored and Co-Sponsored Legislation

  • HB 4688: Amends Elliott-Larsen civil rights act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity

  • HB’s 4471 and 4472: Prohibits discrimination during adoption so that all people can become adoptive parents

  • HB 4283, 4284, 4285: Extreme Risk Protection Orders legislation–commonly known as “red flag” legislation

  • HB 4512, 4513, 4514: Mandates the safe storage of firearms where they may be accessed by minors

  • HB 4181: Lead sponsor of “hands-free” legislation to prevent “texting while driving”